Duafe Beauties    

Duafe Beauties aims to provide vivid colors for women to express their beauty and art, while displaying the rich cultures of Ghana. Duafe, which translates to "wooden comb" is an Adinkra symbol that represents beauty.                                                             

 Journey to Duafe Beauties

Hey Ahuofe "Beautiful"! I'm Patience the founder of Duafe Beauties. I am 26 years old, based in Denver, born in Italy, with Ghanaian roots. I love dressing up, but was quite disappointed when I started playing with makeup. Barely any products would shown up on my skin or the ones that did were expensive. Not only did few brands cater to my complexion and income, but none reconnected me to my roots. I am Ghanaian, Kwahu to be specific, and my family is from Nkawkaw. Almost everything I know about my roots are from my family members and of course Ghanaian movies, the Kumawood ones :) I have a habit of listening in on my mom and uncle's joyful chatter about their earlier years in Ghana and a strong desire to not be stripped of my culture.  I started Duafe Beauties for others like myself. Those that love dressing up but not breaking the bank, and those that love to be in touch with their roots.


Aaah, The Gold Coast. Home for many. Ghana is a West Africa country rich in culture, beauty, and gold, hence the nickname Gold Coast. Ghana has a population of over 28 million people, over 100 ethnic groups, and more than 250 languages creating a constant excitement of life. Some of the most well known areas of Ghana are Accra (its capital), Kumasi, and Labadi Beach (which is in accra, click on Labadi Beach to explore more).


A Guide To Accra's Labadi Beach

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